Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Loose Tea Offer



Do you drink tea? I love tea and you really don't get the same flavor from the boxed tea bags as you do when you brew a pot of loose tea leaves.

I was searching the Internet for some free samples and came across the Vitabase website that gives out a free sample each day to the first 500 people who ask for it. Well of course they were out of the samples for today but I clicked on a link on the page and found that I could get a bigger sample by posting about the website on my blog.

So here is your chance to get a free sample of loose tea leaves also. Check out the site in the morning. If you miss the free sample simple follow the rules for posting a link and get twice the amount of free tea!

Here's the link to go directly to the link for Tea page



Great Find at the Good Will


I hit up my local Good Will this afternoon. This particular store is one of their boutique shops. Which to me just means higher prices.


Even before the money problems began plaguing my family I have been a faithful thrift store shopper. I have always collected vintage items. Mostly vintage textiles but anything that looks good to me I might buy depending on how much cash I have on hand.

So today I started rummaging through a table drawer that held gloves and scarves. I noticed that some of the gloves were priced $2.99. I found two different pairs of vintage gloves. I had to dig around to find their mates and when I did there was no price tag. Now I almost always put something back when there is no price sticker. I have found that the clerks over price items when they see someone is interested in them. And $2.99 is way to expensive even for a vintage pair of gloves.

Any way today I held on to the gloves and started rummaging through the drawer with the scarves.  I figured I ask the clerk when I was ready to pay and if the gloves were $2.99 I would just put them back.

I couldn't believe it when I found a couple of vintage hankies in with the scarves. I almost never find vintage hankies and if I do they are almost $5 a piece.

Again no price. So I pick out five hankies and stack them on top of the gloves and go look around the store. Nothing else caught my eye and I was low on cash any way.


I always have to check out the books. So I head over to the book case. This store being a boutique does not stock much in the book department. And I had been there last week but ya never know what ya might find so  I started glancing at the titles. I found a great book full of wildflower plates.

I'm done once I find the book and I head to the register. I must say that I have noticed in the past month or two the thrift stores are crowded like never before. I have been thrift shopping in this town for almost 18 years and the stores have never had this much traffic.  Needless to say there is a line at the register and I let a women go ahead of me because I knew the clerk was going to have to go ask someone the price on the gloves and the hankies. He rings her up and I explain the lack of prices and he goes off to find the one with the power to set prices. After a few moments he comes back and starts tapping numbers on the register and I see $2.99 glowing. I start to say I don't want the gloves if they are $2.99 but he realizes this and says. The price is for everything. YEAH!!! I think.

Do you have any great thrift store scores? Leave me a comment!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SwagBuck Fun

Swag Bucks what are they and how can I make money or earn prizes with them?
Swag Bucks are these great little bucks that you can earn just by simply searching the internet. Now I don't know about you but I spend alot of time searching the internet. And since I am already doing it why not earn something for my time?
You have the option of downloading a Swag Buck toolbar to make searching easier or you can just go to the Swag Buck site and search from there.
After you accumulate some swagbucks then the fun begins. You can turn them in for gift cards or you can go shopping in the Swag Store.
Now if you get your friends to sign up each time they earn a point you earn a point. So if you've never heard of swagbucks before and your interested please click on the banner above and sign up. Then once your account is active you can get your friends and family to join and you'll earn those extra points from them.

Announcing Times Are Tuff

Times are tough every where these days. As a stay at home mother I have had to figure out a way to add a little income to the household. There are many great programs out there these days. You can earn free products for for simply filling out a survey. Or earn points that can be cashed in for products or gift cards.Here on my new blog I hope to share the programs that I use myself with my readers.