Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Ultimate Cloth Free Offer

Have you heard of the awesome Ultimate Clothes?

Exciting New Offer......Try a Standard Ultimate Cloth® for FREE. Simply pay the shipping. 

I came across this offer about a month ago on another blog and decided I had to check out this cool product for myself.

 Here is what the website says about it.

Perfect size for most cleaning jobs, the Standard Ultimate Cloth® measures 13.5" X 15.5". Made from the highest quality MiraFiber®, the cloth excels at cleaning all the hard surfaces of your home and businesses.

Introducing MiraFiber - An Exclusive, Patented Technology in a Professional Cleaning Cloth. The 'Ultimate' in Cleaning GREEN! NO Chemicals, NO Paper Towels - MORE EFFECTIVE. Not to mention a 100% money back guarantee.

Now what intrigued me was  the thought of not having to use any cleaning products. I am a bit chemically sensitive and can not stand the smell of harsh cleaners.

So off I went and ordered one. It came in just a few days and I couldn't wait to try it out. My sliding glass door needed a cleaning badly so I followed the instructions that came with the cloth and went to work on my slider. It took a little elbow grease because my window was in bad shape. I was a little concerned when I saw streaks and watermarks but as soon as the glass air dried like magic the streaks and water marks were gone. My sliding glass door sparkled!

I am so happy I got one and if your looking to a green in your home this is the perfect product.



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