Friday, December 10, 2010

The Mystery Of Google Page Rank

Some of you might be looking at the above image and thinking huh? What's so great about a Google rank of  one?

Some of you who already have a nice high Google page rank are probably thinking wow I haven't checked my page rank in awhile. Of course you haven't. It doesn't matter to you what your page rank is anymore because you have a nice one already.

Are you a blogger who is obsessed with your google page rank like me? Every once in awhile for the past 11 months I would  go and check my page rank and for the past 11 months every time I have checked I found the dreaded NA.Not Available!!!  

As a product reviewer that is not good. Some companies want a blog to have a Google Page Rank of 4 for them to consider your blog worthy of their product.

It seems the way Google finally sets a page rank is a highly guarded secret.  
If you have ever researched Google page rank you know that it could take a while for your page to get any kind of ranking. Matter of fact you could have a very popular blog and Google still might not give you a page rank Google can be a a little picky at times.

For the first six months or so I could understand. Not many people reading my blog. Not many comments. No one was following me on GFC.

I submitted my blog to all the search engines. Listed it in some blog directories. I did everything I could think of to get my blog some exposure in hopes that I would finally see a number instead of NA when I checked my page rank.

I was so surprised last week when I checked it and found that finally my rank has changed to an actual number that I had to plug my blog address in there again to make sure I didn't have a typo the first time around.

So for those of you who are still stuck in page rank hell I am here to tell you not to give up. Submit your blog every where you can think of and then search Google for some places to submit your blog that you didn't know about it and one day you will get the surprise that I did last week.


Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

Congrats! I graduated from N/A to zero recently. LOL!

Cakeblast said...

Congrats - I had my blog for almost a year before I ever checked my rank and it was a 1. By the end of year two it was a 3 so just keep posting often and publicize, publicize, publicize.

I'm still obsessed and really want a PR4. If I keep working at it I'm sure it will come.

Alena said...

I tried emailing you but you didn't respond. You won the Legacy Family Tree Giveaway on my blog One Day at a Time. I already have your email, but I need your name also for the company to send you the download code. Let me know!

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