Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recycling Tip: Paper Packaging Material


I wanted to share a recycling tip with you all today. You and I probably have a thing or two in common. You probably have one or more small children in your home and you probably receive packages in the mail.


You know how almost all packages come with paper packaging material these days instead of Styrofoam peanuts. The paper varies in thickness some is very thick and some is very thin almost like news paper. Well no matter the thickness all of the paper is recyclable. in many ways. One of the ways I recycle this packaging material is to use it to cover my table when I am working on craft projects. It protects my table surface from spilled paint and glue.


The second way I recycle this lovely paper is that I cut it down into pieces and let my grand daughters color and draw on it. They love to draw and scribble on the big pieces of paper.


Do you recycle packing paper?

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Anonymous said...

you bet i recycle ANY type of paper! with 7 kids who are "artistic" no paper is safe ! lol

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