Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Decorating with CSN

I don't know if I mentioned this but we moved in August. It's the second move in three years. Like the title of my blog says Times Are Tough! But this last move was a good one. We moved from a small two bedroom duplex into a three bedroom two bath house. Oh my what a difference. There is so much more space in the new house. And it has a garage!!! Yea I know it pretty sad to get so excited over something like a garage but when you have been living cramped up with literally no storage space a garage can make such a difference.

I love the new house but the design of the kitchen is so weird. There is a big long wall that I am not sure what the empty space is for. It makes me think of a breakfast nook but the lay out of the dining area just doesn't make that seem like where a breakfast nook would go. So I told Mr TAT ( LOL get it Mr Times Are Tuff. It's a good thing he doesn't get on the internet to see that!) that we need some type of bar table. Not a bar as in drinking cause we don't drink but a bar that we can  add to the end of the kitchen counter.

I think I found the perfect set of barstools on the CSN website. Now to talk Mr. TAT into buying the Breakfast Kitchen Island set that goes with them. The wood grain and color matches my dining room table perfectly!
Keep an eye out for my up coming CSN giveaway!


Anonymous said...

i'm loving it! tell Mr. Tat hi for me!

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