Friday, October 8, 2010

My Granddaughter, Life and What is going on in Our Life

I have tried to keep this bog a bit impersonal but have realized that is crazy. How can I keep my private life separate and keep it real? There is no way to do that and be honest with my readers. I don't want to do that but I also don't want to constantly post about personal things. I will try to keep it brief unless I find that you all are interested. 

I haven't been posting much because I am out of town at the children's hospital in St Petersburg with my daughter. Her daughter Addison had open heart surgery on Wednesday. The surgery was planned. It was no surprise. We knew it was coming even before she was born. My granddaughter Addison was born with some serious heart defects and down's syndrome. We expected her to have surgery at the time of her birth but by some miracle the heart defects as bad as they were still allowed her to get enough oxygen and we were able to come home so she could get bigger and stronger before the surgery.

The surgery was to be done between the ages of 4 and six months. 

That time came this week. 

We were a wreck of course. But the surgery went well. Addison is a trouper!

Today it has been three days since the surgery and she is nursing, most of her tubes and Iv's have been taken out. She still has a chest tube but they will be taking it out today sometime.

Here she is the day after surgery. It is so amazing that she is doing so well and looks so good after open heart surgery. So many people have been praying for her. She is really blessed.

The doctors and nurses have been wonderful here at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg Florida.

And if it wasn't for the Ronald McDonald house and the help they have given us I would not have been able to come with my daughter and granddaughter to offer the support my daughter needed just by having her mother here with her. So please toss your change in the collection box the next time you visit your local McDonalds or buy a Happy Meal because part of the price of a Happy Meal goes to help the Ronald McDonald Houses all over the country. 

They have given us a room where we can sleep, shower and just regroup. They also supplied two meals a day at the house. I really hope and pray that you will never need the help the Ronald Mc Donald Houses offer but they are run totally on donations and every little bit helps. 

So needless to say the blog is on the back burner. I have some giveaways I will be posting after we get home and get settled back in.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

i can read Addy's eyes- "whatcha doing grammy? taking my picture again?" lol
you know we r praying and wish we could be there.

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