Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nella's ONEder Fund and the National Down Syndrome Society Fund Raiser

Back in October I posted about my grand daughter Addison's open heart surgery. You can read about it here

Addison has Down Syndrome. We knew she would have the heart surgery months before she was even born. It is amazing what the doctor's can tell you these days.

When my daughter first found out the baby she was carrying had a 90% chance of having Down Syndrome she did what most people do these days and went searching the internet. When she did she found the heart breaking story of Kelle Hampton and her daughter Nella. Here is the link to Nella's birth story Let me warn you here you will need a box of tissues. It is a tear jerker!

Unlike my daughter, Kelle and her family had no early indication that Nella had Down Syndrome. It was a complete surprise and Kelle has been writing on her blog about her experience. She has also been doing a lot for Down Syndrome children by getting the word out there and collecting donations.

I think it is wonderfull what Kelle Hampton has done for Down Syndrome Thousands of people read her blog every day. 
Well Nella is turning one and Kelle has decided to send a call out to everyone and anyone.She is collecting donations for the NDDS which is the National Down Syndrome Society by setting up the Nella's ONEder Fund. The NDDS does many things for children who have Down Syndrome.

So I am putting out my own call to my readers. If you can afford to make a small donation. To help Kelle reach her goal of $30,000 dollars please visit her site here and click on the link in her banner to donate.

 She is getting very close to her goal! She has already collected $26,480 as I am writing this. Every dollar helps so please help if you can!

Thank you!!

If you could help spread the word please share this link. Thank you!


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